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ModelProductManufacturerArea scan or Line scanResolutionFps RangeMono / ColourInterfaceSensor Size
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Point Grey GS3-U3-41C6NIR-C Point Grey Area Scan 4.1Mpix 30-99fps Mono USB 3.0 1.0"
Point Grey BFLY-PGE-03S2M-CS Point Grey Area Scan 0.3MP 30-99kHz Mono Gigabit Ethernet 1/3"
Point Grey BFLY-PGE-03S2C-CS Point Grey Area Scan 0.3MP 30-99kHz Colour Gigabit Ethernet 1.3"
CIS VCC-5CXP1C CIS 5.2MP 30-99fps CoaXPress 1.0"
CIS VCC-HD10ZM CIS Full HD 30-99fps 3G-SDI 1/3"
Point Grey BFLY-PGE-12A2M-CS Point Grey Area Scan 1.2Mpix 30-99fps Mono Gigabit Ethernet 1/3"