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About us

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We do business with people, not companies

We’re not just distributors, we’re problem solvers, and machine vision is our core competency.

Whether you’re an OEM developing a vision system from scratch, or an end user looking to source components or a complete system, we here at ClearView believe in building partnerships based on trust, and helping customers develop their machine vision applications from conception to completion. All this equates to a loyal customer base, many of whom we’ve worked alongside since the company was first established.

Our ethical and competent team is dedicated to assisting our customers with whatever machine vision project they are working on.


That's the ClearView way

A selective product portfolio equals an extensively detailed product knowledge base. 

We work very closely with a selected number of suppliers to ensure our team is as well versed in the products we supply as possible. Our suppliers trust us to represent them in the UK, Ireland and European markets, something we take great pride in, and this is why we see ourselves as an extension of our suppliers.

This discerning style may mean we’re selective about the products we offer, but guarantees we provide the best machine vision products on the market.


Comprehensive pre and post-sales support

Our sales team are technically experienced and their impartial, consultative approach is aimed to carefully and fully understand your requirements.  This enables them to help you make the best choices possible for your application.

We are also happy to offer demonstrations or feasibility studies to prove a concept or a feature.

While we hate it when things go wrong, in our highly technical industry, sometimes they do! We recognise technical issues are costly, therefore our post-sales support team will work to quickly resolve whatever the issue may be in as short a time frame as is possible.


So much more than a distributor

Whether you are experienced in Machine Vision research and development or not, we can offer advice and consultancy, or work with you to develop your solution.  We consistently excel on more complex machine vision projects, proving we’re more than a distributor; we’re an extension to your own R&D team.

Aside from development capabilities we also work to expand our customer’s knowledge of machine vision technology, regularly offering training days and seminars, in which we deliver informative training sessions in the latest machine vision technology and techniques.


And it all started in 2008

Since ClearView Imaging was first established, the company has grown from a two man venture, into a thirteen strong team (and growing!) We’ve expanded a lot the past few years, not only in size, but our collective knowledge has developed as our team has expanded and new partnerships have been formed.

Moving to a new premises in 2013 has helped assist our continued growth. A larger office space has meant we can hold more stock, and take on larger and more ambitious projects, with most technical development facilitated on site.


If you are interested in learning more about ClearView Imaging and the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.