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Direct Communication Between DA4.0 and DENSO Robots

A direct communication link between Matrox Design Assistant machine vision software and DENSO RC8 robot controller is now possible with Service Pack 1.


Matrox Imaging has announced its collaboration with DENSO WAVE. This partnership has culminated in the extension of direct robot communication support in Matrox Design Assistant machine vision software to DENSO robots using the RC8 controller.


The Matrox Design Assistant robot communication protocol is network socket-based, whereby the robot program requests a connection, the vision system accepts the connection, the robot program asks the vision project to locate the next part and the vision system provides the part location to the robot program. DENSO WAVE created a “Provider Software” add-on to perform this communication on the RC8 robot controller.


Native communication between a Matrox Design Assistant project and a DENSO robot requires Matrox Design Assistant 4 with Service Pack 1 available from ClearView Imaging and an RC8 controller with the appropriate COA Provider from DENSO.


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