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Low-Light Imaging with the MV1-R1280 Series

The Photonfocus MV1-R1280 camera series is based on the Photonfocus R1280 ultra-low noise CMOS image sensor and is designed specifically for ultra-low light applications. The camera is available with either a Camera Link or GigE interface.


The image sensor uses an innovative integration mode and an advanced analogue to digital conversion (ADC) to achieve a read out noise of less than 1e-. The camera's impressive low-light imaging capability is demonstrated in the below image.


The left image was shot with the MV1-D2048x1088 camera with a CMOSIS CMV2000 sensor, which is known for it's excellent sensativity. Both images were shot at the same illumination, with the same lens and with an exposure time of 30 ms. The left-hand image was shot at a gain of 128. The right-hand image was shot with the new MV1-R1280 camera at room temperature with a gain of 256.


MV1-R1280_Comparison Image


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