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3D Enhancements

With the release of Processing Pack 2 for Matrox’s MIL 10 software development kit, there are more exciting enhancements to the ever expanding 3D module. Once point cloud data is acquired, it is now possible to extract a cross section from point cloud data at any angle, and then pass that data to MIL’s Metrology tool to analyse and measure the extracted cross section.


Third-party 3D scanners:

MIL can also work with the point cloud or depth map produced by 3D profiling cameras from Photonfocus, LMI (Gocator profile sensor series) and SICK (Ranger series). It can also accept the point cloud and depth map produced by stereo cameras like the Chromasens 3DPIXA, pattern projectors like the LMI Gocator snapshot sensor series and time of flight (ToF) cameras such as the ones from Basler and Microsoft (Kinect v2).


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