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Blackfly S Exciting New Features

The Blackfly S brings four new features that will enable further possibilities of integration for developers.


Alongside GenICam 3, USB3 Vision and GigE Vision, the following features can be found in the Blackfly S:


Colour Transformation: Takes the spectral response of the light source, along with the sensor specific sensitivity to provide more true-to-life imaging.


Image sequencer: Allows the pre-configuration of image parameter sets, such as gain, exposure and resolution and automates the transfer from one set to the next.


Event notification: Allows the camera to send asynchronous information to the host system speeding up inspection time and improving synchronisation.


API logging: Combines the user application layer, the Spinnaker SDK layer and the GenICam layer into one combined chronological log that can be easily accessed in real time to help developers optimise the application’s performance. 


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