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On the 6th of June, the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference will be held at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes and we will be there, with our key partners to present and demonstrate the latest Machine Vision technology.

The main themes will be Deep Learning, 3D Vision, the latest camera sensors and interfaces and Embedded Vision. Below is a list of the presentations involving ClearView Imaging and our partners:


Further to these presentations, all of the companies mentioned above will have their own exhibition booths and will be providing live demonstrations:

ClearView Imaging – Stand Number 66 – ClearView will be demonstrating a multi-camera Automotive Part Inspection System, built around Matrox Imaging’s Design Assistant software development environment and running on Matrox’s 4Sight GPm Embedded Vision System with multiple FLIR Blackfly S GigE Vision cameras.

Matrox Imaging – Stand Number 45 – Matrox will showcase their latest version of Design Assistant, with a live Deep Learning Classification demo. In addition, Matrox will also be demonstrating 3D Vision with Stereo Cameras doing volumetric measurement.

FLIR – Stand Number 63 – FLIR will be presenting the latest Sony Pregius sensors in their Blackfly S and Oryx camera families, along with the new Firefly Deep Learning camera and A35 thermal imaging camera.

Photonfocus – Stand 48 – Photonfocus will be demonstrating their latest 3D Laser Triangulation cameras, along with the new MV3 SWIR camera, highlighting what is possible with SWIR technology.

CIS – Stand 46 – CIS will be presenting what is possible with both high resolution and high speed CoaxPress camera technology. The VCC-12CXP4 is a 12Mpix camera, with the Sony IMX253 sensor, capable of running at 65fps and with a CoaxPress interface, running with cable distances of ~70 meters. CIS will also be providing a live demonstration of their VCC-120CXP1 120Mpix camera, running at 10fps with a CoaxPress interface.

Neousys – Stand 65 – Neousys will be presenting the new Nuvo-7160GC, which is a rugged edge AI GPU-computing platform, which supports a 120W NVIDIA GPU and Intel 8th-Gen Core CPU, which is perfect for demanding GPU applications, where a rugged and compact embedded PC is required.

Vieworks – Stand 64 – Vieworks will showcase their latest TDI linescan cameras, with a live demonstration of the 2k colour TDI GigE linescan camera.

Lucid Vision Labs – Stand 47 – Lucid will be demonstrating their new Helios Time of Flight camera, along with their latest range of IP67 GigE Vision cameras.

For more information on the show, or free tickets, please contact us or visit http://www.machinevisionconference.co.uk



Machine Vision lets computers read barcodes, data matrix codes, direct part marks, optical character recognition and optical character verification – Learn more about the computer vision technology here

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