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Following an excellent first event in 2017, the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference is back at Arena MK, Milton Keynes on the 16th May 2018.

We will be exhibiting and presenting, along with our partners FLIR (previously Point Grey), Matrox Imaging, Photonfocus, CVR Lighting, NET and SVS Vistek. At the event we will be demonstrating and talking about exciting technology like Deep Learning, 3D Vision, 10GigE, the latest CMOS sensors, Embedded Vision and many other exciting topics and trends. 

Allan Anderson sets out what to expect from this year’s event:


The UKIVA Machine Vision Conference is a FREE-to-attend event that requires registration.

Reserve your space now by completing a registration form to confirm your attendance.  


Download our Guide to 3D Imaging Techniques

A new trend has emerged for 3D inspection technologies, which have experienced an increasing development during recent years. New sensor technologies alongside new software algorithms have enabled the implementation of 3D inspection techniques, which have proven to be faster, more precise and more reliable than 2D techniques when used in materials with difficult or irregular surfaces. This guide provides an overview on the most popular 3D inspection techniques.